iManage can be used by healthcare agencies to better manage compliance, risk, quality and performance in accordance with federal, state and internal policies and controls. At Seva Health, we strongly believe that while compliance initiatives start as projects to meet deadlines to comply with a specific regulation, it is in reality more cost effective to implement a continuous compliance monitoring solution. iManage provides a framework and an integrated approach to manage all compliance requirements faced by a health care agency.


iManage is an affordable, easy to use web-based solution that produces immediate results. It offers:

Compliance eBinders

Tracks and monitors compliance of documentations, mandated training and certifications. Captures relevant documents of program operation and compliance, quality assurance and monitoring. Various document types can be defined and uploaded to the system in addition to a number of predefined online forms, checklists, online tests, etc...


Our reporting and dashboard tools enable users to define and capture reliable information and analytics to enhance management decision capability. Our standard Submission Reports, Deficiency Reports and Expiration Report can quickly provide insight into the status of the documentation so that the agency is compliant and can take appropriate actions to quickly correct issues and gaps.


Some of the features include:
A central document and information repository to keep various documents and templates together allowing fast, easy, and reliable access to your data.
Provides real-time monitoring, triggers and alerts for better tracking of documentation needs.
Uses customizable Electronic Binders (eBinders) that can be setup to group documents in the repository and track progress.
Incident Tracking and Management to capture all incidents in a single location and follow-up based on policies.
Tickler System to manage all of the different tickets and issues so that it can be assigned, followed through and brought to completion.
Automatic notifications when specific reports are submitted.
"Not Met" alerts on compliance checklists so that issues can be tracked and addressed.


Some of the benefits using iManage include:
The formulation of effective internal controls to assure compliance with regulations, policies and internal guidelines;
Provides clear visibility into your compliance across the various programs;
Allows managers and senior executives to make data-driven, informed business decisions based on the data collected;
Allows continuous monitoring of progress on corrective action plans and tasks that have been assigned;
Ability to quickly and accurately react to operational compliance concerts and the capability to effectively target resources to address those concerns;
Automatic email alerts are sent out when reports are due such as Monthly and Quarterly reports;